Scholarship - "Voice of the Future"

Scholarship Criteria:
This scholarship is available to current undergraduate students in any field of study and any student in either junior or senior high school. Recipients of the scholarships will be determined based on quality of work submitted.

Please note that we have four different deadlines for our scholarship program. They all feature different questions to choose from. If you are interested in viewing the other deadlines, you may scroll through them by clicking on the "University Writing Scholarships" tab located on the top toolbar.

Your scholarship essay must be no longer than 500 words on ONE of the following topics to be eligible for the available scholarship:

DEADLINE: March 1st, 2008
Award Amount:
up to $10,000 available
Submit Essay To:

Topic #1: Over the past twenty years campaign spending has been increasing at an astronomical pace. Do you believe that this is good or bad for democracy? and why?

Topic #2: The average CEO makes roughly 400 times what the average worker currently makes. Do you think that this is justifiable? and why?

Topic #3: What country do you believe is the most politically and economically stable country to live in? and why?


If you have any questions regarding our scholarship opportunity, please visit the FAQ Section of our website. If you would like to view previous scholarship winners, please visit the WINNERS Section of the website.