The Law Review

"The Law Review" provides readers with the most current trends in judicial evolution. These texts formally record the current trends and analyze the overall impact that certain policies will have in the business arena. Our reader base consists mainly of individuals who want to stay at the forefront of such policy changes. Whether you are a local law professional or a businessman, "The Law Review" will keep you and your business well-equipped to handle the rapidly changing environment.

Business Cents

Elder and Leemaur Publishers "Business Cents" publication is geared towards small to mid-sized companies aiming to increase their organic growth. Our reader base is divided equally between young urban professionals seeking to expand their small business and the older, more established businesses seeking to capture a larger share of the marketplace. Whether you are contemplating on conducting a small direct mail campaign or planning to expand your advertising into the national arena, our "Business Cents" publication outlines everything from cost expectations to potential low-cost, high return partnerships.

Company Overview

Elder and Leemaur Publishers primarily focuses on providing and publishing scholarly and professional books, journals, and magazines in the areas of science, humanities, and business. The company's deep reservoir of quality content and experienced management offers a tremendous source of competitive advantage.

Innovation Magazine

In today's global environment new ideas and concepts are going through a whole new level of advancement. Stem cell research, alternative fuels - you name it - everything is changing. "Innovation Magazine" covers both low-end and new-market disruptive innovations that have the potential of gaining a foothold in the marketplace. Readers of "Innovation Magazine" have the opportunity to explore and understand the possible costs and benefits that new ideas and concepts could bring to society, business, and the environment once fully established, implemented, and adopted by the mainstream consumer.

Manuscript Submission

We are always interested in quality manuscripts in our areas of interest and welcome author queries and submissions. Aspiring writers... more.