Prospective Authors

Elder and Leemaur Publishers invites authors to forward proposals for publications in humanities, social sciences, or business. We welcome submissions in these areas from authors who desire to publish within our Scholarly Professional's division. These guidelines are provided to expedite the submission process.

The Proposal Package:

1. Cover Letter introducing yourself, the title of your proposed publication, a concise description of the purpose and scope of the book, and an indication of whom the audience will be.

2. Curriculum Vita for each author(s)/editor(s) involved. This should include: Names, titles, addresses, and phone/fax numbers.

3. List of Contributors, if applicable. Please indicate the total number of contributors and provide their names, titles addresses, and phone/fax numbers.

4. Table of Contents, to include chapter titles and paragraphs describing those chapters.

5. Introduction or Preface, and at least one chapter for the proposed publication.

6. The primary specialty and any areas of subspecialization for the author/editor.

7. Status of the manuscript: Is it in the idea stage? Is it less than 50% complete? More than 50% complete? Has any of the material been previously published?

8. Probable date that the manuscript will be completed.

9. Mechanical dimensions including: Number of typed double-spaced pages; number of charts; number of tables.

10. Potential Markets. Describe the primary and any secondary professional and/or student markets for which this book is intended and the level of readership at which it is aimed.

11. Timeliness. Please try to estimate how long, in years, the content of the book will remain current and useful.

12. List of Competing Titles. Please include the author, title, publisher, year, pages, price of each competing publication.

13. Uniqueness. How does this book differ from competing titles? List any special or unique features your work contains.