Content Promotion
If you would like to get your book, magazine, blog, or any other type of valuable content out to the mainstream consumer, Elder & Leemaur Publishers offers many standard and custom solutions for small to medium size businesses.

Over the years, Elder & Leemaur Publishers has built up a vast network that combines a mix of traditional and electronic media. Through these sources, we provide over thirty million impressions of your material to the mainstream consumer each month.

SEO Copywriters
Searching for quality content that is industry-specific? Our multilingual staff produces thousands of pages of well-written, unique content each month.

In order to keep up with the expected increase in demand for quality web content, we have consistently expanded our staffing levels in the department. With fifteen full-time and eighteen part-time employees, we have the ability to generate an abundance of quality content tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in any of our content solutions, please write a detailed summary of your requirements and submit them Here.

Design Work
Our design department is highly skilled in producing high-end products geared towards print media and the web. However, we rarely accept jobs that are not packaged with your publishing needs. Elder & Leemaur Publishers will take on selected standalone design projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Your intention is for Elder & Leemaur Publishers to handle all aspects of the project
  • Your budget is at least 5k
  • You have a minimum of 4 weeks to complete the project

    Elder & Leemaur Publishers takes every step possible to ensure that each job we do reflects positively on our firm. Thus, if you are only interested in a quick, inexpensive, standalone solution, please understand that we do not provide this type of service.

    If you are interested in viewing some of our work or would like to talk to one of our sales associates, please proceed to the Contact Us section of the website.