Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply to more than one of the deadlines?
Yes, you may apply to as many of the deadlines as you wish. However, please limit your submissions to one essay per deadline.

What are the steps involved in receiving a scholarship?

Student authors must submit an essay on one of the topics provided on our scholarships page. If your essay is in the top 1-2% of all submissions, Elder & Leemaur Publishers will have it featured in our next publication.

Shortly after our staff determines student publishing opportunities, an independent panel of judges will determine which published essays will receive scholarships. The entire process generally takes 3-4 months to complete.

Are International students eligible for a scholarship?

If you will be attending a college/university in either Canada or the
United States, you are considered eligible. Citizenship has no bearing
on eligibility.

What is the maximum length of the essay?

Your essay should not exceed 500 words. However, only the body of the essay will count towards the 500 word limit.

How will scholarship winners be notified?

Scholarship winners will be notified by phone. Please understand that we will only be notifying those selected. If you are not selected and wish to view the winner(s) essay, please visit our website at

If I receive an award, how will the money be provided to me?

The money will be provided via cheque to your place of residence.

What is the average size of scholarship and how many are awarded?

The total annual amount Elder & Leemaur Publishers will award is $10,000. The minimum value of a scholarship is $500.